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Ann Hocking

Meet Ann

Ann Hocking- Shiatsu

Ann has a gentle and nurturing style of practising shiatsu. She enjoys assisting clients to a returned state of natural balance through facilitating the body’s own self healing. 

 Ann can provide visualisations and guided meditation to enhance the healing process. This is especially useful for women on a fertility or IVF journey. Becoming more in tune with the body, for deeper relaxation. 

 Ann is a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, obtaining her Diploma in Oriental Therapies (Shiatsu) from The Australian Shiatsu College. She has a wealth of knowledge and insight, enjoying yoga, meditation, Reiki, and intuitive healing. She is also an active member of the National Council for the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia.

 Ann uses Shiatsu to assists with Womens health, Fertility health, Hormonal Health, Emotional and stress support, Body work, Digestive health and Paediatric care.

 Shiatsu via Telehealth

Ann has made it possible to help you with Shiatsu care via Telehealth. Ann provides phone or online shiatsu consultations to support you during these unprecedented times. These sessions are a safe and effective way to reduce stress levels and to learn techniques for calm and relaxation. Each session is unique to your own requirements at the time. This may include some of the following: visualisation, stretches, breath work, meditation, dietary advice, self shiatsu techniques, a chat…..