I didn't know Chinese Medicine could help with that?

An honest statement that I often hear in clinic. Chinese Medicine is a medicine for all people of all ages and phases. There are different ways to help wiggly little ones, to the older members of our family.

Current research has shown Acupuncture has shown strong evidence in positive effect on conditions including;

PMS, Headache, Migraine prevention, Asthma, Hay fever, Allergic rhinitis, Anxiety, Depression (associated with chronic pain and in conjunction with conventional treatment), Chronic low back pain, Pain relief, Sciatica and Knee Osteoarthritis. *

Conditions with moderate evidence supporting the effectiveness of Acupuncture;

Acute low back pain, Acute stroke, Anxiety, Asthma in Adults, Cancer pain, Cancer related Fatigue, Constipation, Depression (with antidepressants), Dry eye, Hypertension (with medication), Insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Labour pain, Lateral elbow pain, Menopausal hot flushes, Neck pain, Obesity, Periomenopausal and postmenopausal insomnia, Plantar heel pain, Post-stroke insomnia, Post-stroke shoulder pain, Post-stroke plasticity, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Prostatitis pain/chronic pelvic pain syndrome, Recovery post colorectal cancer resection, Restless leg syndrome, Schizophrenia (with antipsychotics), Sciatica, (Early stage) Shoulder impingement syndrome with exercise, Shoulder pain, Smoking cessation, Stroke rehabilitation, Temporomandibular pain. *

*The evidence and explanation of the relevant research can be found via Acupuncture Evidence Project,