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Gua Sha Facial

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A facial that addresses the muscles of the face…and so much more. Have Dr Clancy Street – Acupuncturist, work her magic on your face. With more than 15 years developing her skills in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Natural Dermatology, Chinese medicine herbal skincare, and Corneotherapy, Clancy has a refined gua sha technique that reveals beautiful, refreshed complexions and faces…with her clients always leaving with a sparkle in their eyes and soul.

Gua Sha is one of the oldest Chinese medicine tools and therapies. It is used to massage and ‘scrape’ muscle and tissue adhesions that create discomfort and muscle distortion. With this is restored blood flow, lymph drainage, and muscle tone. The Gua Sha Facial is a refined therapy, using the highest grade Jade Stone, Organic Ginseng or Licorice Facial Oil…and all of Clancy’s years of experience.