Preconception care is likened to preparing the garden soil before planting a new seed. It is about ensuring the environment of the developing egg and sperm is optimal. And the place for a potential pregnancy to thrive.

Preconception care is not a new idea in Chinese Medicine. The practice of good health before pregnancy is just as important as the period of pregnancy itself.

So, you might be starting the journey to parenthood, and wondering where to begin? You may want to learn about your menstrual cycle, or when the best time to conceive is? Or how to take your Basal Body Temperature? Dr Clancy Street- Acupuncturist can help you understand your body and optimise conceiving naturally.

It seems to be a trend in society these days to start a family later in life. This may not be a problem for everyone, but there are statistics that show the rate of our fertility health has declined. If you are someone that is affected by this, or has hormonal imbalances, or signs that your menstual cycle is out of whack, or stress is effecting your wellbeing, Chinese Medicine may be able to help. The role of Chinese Medicine assisting hormonal and reproductive health of both Men and Women has long been documented in Empirical research. Clancy has assisted many individuals and couples to improve their fertility and hormonal health, and their chances of parenthood.

If you have already had a full investigation and are on the ART or IVF path, there are ways in which Clancy and her Chinese Medicine training can assist you at the various treatment points. **Refer to IVF Acupuncture page.

As more western research is being conducted, the areas that Acupuncture is showing the strongest areas of positive effect emerges. These include PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PCOS (Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome). Details of these findings can be found at the Acupuncture Evidence Project