Did you know it is not normal to have painful periods? Or any other persistent hormonal symptom.

It seems the prevalence of PMS, endometriosis, dysmennorhea, PCOS and menopause hot flushing, (just to name a few), are now just an everyday occurrence. These can be sure signs that our bodies response to our environment, diet and stress’s are in imbalance.

Chinese Medicine views any presenting symptoms as the body not functioning at its true potential. Whether it be a result of a hereditary predisposition, emotional, diet or lifestyle factor, Chinese Medicine may be able to provide insight and assistance to improved wellbeing. It has been used Traditionally to restore the correct flow and function of Qi and Blood, to encourage hormonal balance.

The most current research has shown Acupuncture has a potential positive effect on the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). For further information, please refer to the Acupuncture Evidence Project

Traditionally, Chinese Medicine has been used to assist a wide variety of hormonal and reproductive symptoms, the national law requires to state efficiency, strong evidence must be demonstrated. Current western research is still to be conducted.

Clancy has assisted women and men of varying ages and stages in life. She is passionate in finding ways to help people feel more balanced.

Traditionally, Chinese Medicine may have been used to assist symptoms associated with;

Painful periods, irregular periods, annovulation, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, menopausal hot flushing, erectile dysfunction, and hormonal insomnia.