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Ivana Misic

Meet Ivana

Ivana Misic

Remedial Massage


Ayurvedic and traditional styles massage, Thai massage, and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal organ detox massage)

Ivana (she/her) began her personal self-healing journey in 2013 at the age of 20 entering an ashram, practicing Buddhist meditations and yogic kriyas.

After many years overseas in Latin America living with various indigenous communities with a strong culture of healing, Ivana turned her attention to body work in 2017, learning Ayurvedic and traditional styles of massage.

In the same year, Ivana journeyed to Northern California, offering bodywork and learning from some of the most forefront facilitators in Big Sur before returning to Australia.

Since then, Ivana has been offering traditional healing massage combining her extensive knowledge of natural medicines and healing practices to give a holistic treatment.

In 2021, Ivana returned to formally empower herself in remedial body work focusing on muscular-skeletal injuries, specializing in pre- and post-natal massage along with a study trip to Northern Thailand to study traditional style Thai massage and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal organ detox massage).

Ivana’s curiosity to explore healing modalities is derived from a passion to create the most effective style of treatments, blending modalities, and working with the clients to achieve the optimum level of health.

In 2022 Ivana is currently completing her degree in nutrition and set to study craniosacral and dry needling in 2023.

In Ivana’s spare time, Ivana tends to her garden exploring different traditional methods of food and herbal medicine cultivation, plays the harp and practices martial arts.