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What to expect post treatment

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang otherwise known as Abdominal Detox Massage is a non- invasive Traditional Chinese Massage treatment using acupressure points developed over hundreds of years by Daoist monks thoughout Asia. In Chinese medicine theory, the abdomen and internal organs are said to store emotions such as stress grief, anger, despair, and fear and can be trapped in tissue fibre inhibiting function unless worked and removed.

On a physiological level it works to break down tension and knotted up abdominal fascia, and stomach muscles, it works to massage hardened organ tissue and detoxify the liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen, bladder, gall bladder, small and large intestine, cardiovascular system, reproductive organs, and stomach to release toxin build up, bloating, gas, colon plaque and pockets of waste to increase the digestion, metabolism, insulin metabolization, elimination of waste, increase reproductive health, nerve health and blood health.

What can this type of massage help to treat? 

Chi Nei Tsang can help with an array of issues. It is particularly effective with fertility, digestive issues and period pains but has also assisted individuals with acute pancreatitis, incontinence, UTIs, breathing difficulties and C-section scar release.

What are the side effects of Chi Nei Tsang?

Common side effects post treatment can involve bruising in the abdomen, swelling, abdominal discomfort and bloating in the next 1-3 days as the body processes toxins and rejuvenates the abdominal area. A sudden increase of energy may occur and an inability to sleep. We recommend that treatments are within the earlier half of the day to ensure if you do have a burst of energy post-treatment you are able to sleep that night.  You may also feel fatigue and drowsiness and possibly an increased need to use the bathroom. 

Why is the initial treatment 90 minutes and then drops to 60 minutes?

Traditionally, Chi Nei Tsang treatments can be up to 2 and a half hours to include traditional rituals and relax the abdominal fascia and muscles which will most likely be tight on touch, as most individuals rarely receive treatment on the abdomen. The initial consult of 90 minutes allows the practitioner to make a complete assessment and full understanding to support the client in achieving their goals.

When is the right time to receive a Chi Nei Tsang treatment? 

For women the best time to receive a treatment is the window post-menstruation up to ovulation, whereas men are able to receive Chi Nei Tsang any point in the month.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Chi Nei Tsang appointment?

Enjoy nourishing warm broth and whole foods that are easy to digest; animal products are fine if they are moderated and in proportion. Avoid sugars and greasy foods leading up to treatment and attempt to water and food fast 1-2 hours before treatment.

What should I do for after care? Take the rest of the day at a slower pace. Have a warm, nourishing meal post treatment and drink plenty of warm water to assist the flushing of toxins.

Can I call the clinic if I am concerned or having a reaction post-treatment? 100% Absolutely. DCNMC body work prides itself on care and due diligence to clients and not abandoning clients in the aftercare process. If you are experiencing  something that is of concern to you, please reach out.

If you have additional questions about Abdominal Detox Massge, we offer 15min free discovery calls where Ivana can answer any questions you may have before booking an appointment. You can book your discovery call online www.dcnmc.com.au or call reception on 9 438 1368