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Personal Development Coach

Experience Transformation with Personal Development Coach Rose Babic, a highly experienced coach and group facilitator.

Rose has over 20 years of working with individuals and groups to identify their struggle – and their strengths – and work collectively to be at their best. Rose offers various formats of personal coaching services.

Coaching can provide you with the confidence and tools to prepare yourself for the uncertainty of the new world we live in. Rose is a qualified Youth Worker committed to supporting adolescents to have the mindsets and life skills to thrive, particularly in light of the disruptions experienced over the past few years.


Rose engages her clients as a holistic guide, using a variety of techniques. Acting as a guide who inspires, prompts and challenges, coaching will provoke you to examine out-dated narratives and reconstruct your beliefs so you can move toward your preferred life.

Clients learn to understand how their thoughts, motivations and fears impact their mental and emotional wellbeing, and overall experience of life. Whether it is time to change jobs, reassess your values or reach into the unknown personal coaching can support you to identify self-sabotaging behaviour and form new, deliberate habits to create the life you want

Be guided to:

  • Reflect on your experience of the pandemic, and what it has highlighted for you,
  • Understand what motivates you – and why it matters to know this
  • Challenge the status quo and live your authentic life
  • Audit your goals and ambitions
  • Explore and reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Examine and improve unhelpful behaviours
  • Design and construct tailored action plans for personal development
  • Get to know yourself better

Initial session | 90 min | $160

Follow up sessions | 60min |$120 

Discovery Call | 15min | Free 


Investment: $285

120min session

Includes a Personalised Action Plan and 15min follow up call to keep your momentum going.

This fast-paced reflective session is for anyone feeling stuck in life, seeking support to make a ‘big’ decision, or who isn’t sure where they’re headed – but knows the road ahead looks different than what they’re used to.

You will be challenged to clarify your values & goals, motivated to seek possibilities, and be empowered to identify & overcome hurdles that may come your way.

Rose will support you to start an Action Plan to keep you focused and gain momentum after the session.


Investment: $680

5 x 60 mins + weekly 15min check in call

This is a serious commitment to bring about significant change into your life.

Whether you want to launch into a new career or move toward any other significant life change, this program will guide you focus and prioritise change, clarify your motivations and goals, and examine existing barriers that could get in your way.

Coaching is tailored to your need to build your own mental and emotional toolkit to thrive. The 6 sessions are intended to be experienced over a 6 week period to keep you focussed and avoid the usual “commitment gap” that occurs when we try actively seek change. Each session will involve a follow-up email and activity.

T&C’s: As per availability, Booking required, After-hours on negotiation, Full or part payment in advance.