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Emotion & Stress Support

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Stresses in everyday life such as work, financial, relationship or health pressures can become overwhelming to the mind and body.


It’s not healthy to be consistently stressed or constantly in a state of survival.

People used to think that stress was felt primarily in their brain. Now we know that other parts of the body can also reflect a stressful reaction.  Have you ever noticed pain and tension in your shoulders after a stressful day at work?  Or do you clench your jaw when you’re angry?  Clearly, our stress and emotions can present as physical discomfort.

When the body is in survival mode frequently or for lengthy periods of time, lasting adverse effects may occur.  This can be referred to the “fight/flight” response or Sympathetic Dominance.  This may present as body pains, headaches, trouble sleeping, digestive discomfort, anxiety or depression 


The DCNMC team can assist you in acute and chronic stressed states with; Naturopathy for nutrient supplementation and individualised herbal prescription, body therapies including  Remedial Massage, Chiropractic and Acupuncture, and Coaching.