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Effective Goal setting 

Women’s Circle: Goal Setting

7:15-9:15pm Thursday 14 December 2023

With the new year approaching, it common to reflect on our experiences over 2023 and to wonder or dream about what lies ahead. For anyone interested in creating their own experiences, this time of year is as good as any to start considering goals. Setting goals has been proven to be an effective exercise in attaining your dreams, and there is a surplus of research to prove this. How you go about setting them, however, has a significant impact on your ability to achieve them.

Goals are directed by motives, values, and priorities.

The gusto, drive, energy etc needed to work toward our goals can only be generated to a genuine amount related to our desire. That is, humans will only be motivated to work toward something they want to do, and which is important to us. An effort to accomplish something with false ambition can never be achieved or sustained.

Personal development requires permission. 

Your goals are long-term visions for yourself, so achieving a goal depends on how much permission you give ourself to accomplish it. Understanding deeply entrenched limitations and fears goes a long way toward your capability to ‘dream big’. Any hesitation relating to self-worth or ideology around your own luck or likelihood can get in your way.

Your environment is powerful.

Where you are, who is around you and what resources are available to you (internally and externally) are significant and can support or constrain your personal plans. Sometimes, we have the best environment to fulfill our goals while at other times it may not be ideal.

There is a (neuro)science to it.

One of the most important tasks before setting out to achieve something is to be able to understand how goal setting actually works on a meta-level. The part of our brain related to envisaging, scheduling, committing, and actioning goals are different. Goal setting initially focusses on reward in order to get us motivated and excited to act, then shifts from reward to effort, requiring a different set of mindsets and behaviours for commitment to reach the goal. Recognising this helps to tap into the most useful behaviours as we need them.

There are plenty of goal-setting techniques, worksheets, and workshops available out there, and it’s worth doing a little homework to decide which ‘tool’ best matches the ‘work’ you’re doing on yourself. Techniques like S.M.A.R.T.(E.R) can be attractive as they’re straightforward and only have a few steps, but they overlook the human-element involved in making and sticking to goals!

Holistic approaches, such as those used in NLP Coaching, offer a more progressive and effective take on setting goals, taking in the complexities and capabilities of individuals.

If you’re interested in personal growth and getting the best out of your life, Holistic Coaching is available at DCNMC. Coach Rose Babic offers 1:1 sessions and facilitates regular workshops at the Clinic and online. Her next event is Women’s Circle: Goal Setting, 7:15-9:15pm Thursday 14 December.

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