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For those of us living in Victoria, the sunshine and crisp Autumn air has evoked momentum in re-connecting with outdoors, seeing friends and participating in activities. Is likely that while many of us are trying to “move on” and establish or rebuild routines, we are still in recovery from the unique experiences of 2020. Unsurprisingly, we may be faced with feelings of grief, sorrow or resentment too.  

As I reflect on the ongoing monumental changes that continue to occur across the globe, I am reminded that all growth in nature comes from change and is driven by cycles.  

All living things depend on change for growth, and for survival.  

It has long been understood that humans are influenced by the external elements and that both macro and micro changes to the environment influence our health and wellbeing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient awareness of Creation and Control Cycles honours the connection between seasons and our organs and the impact they have on the experience of our daily life. The thoughts we have about ourselves, our motivation to connect to others and our willingness to study/work/create are all linked to our harmony with the seasons we are experiencing.  

Did you know that Autumn specifically summons us to address our unresolved grief and sorrow, to bring harmony to the lungs and to reduce disease? It is a time that invites us to look inward, let go of emotional attachments, and to get organised.

Following Autumn, Winter will want us to rest, Spring will provide nourishment for our self-expression and new beginnings and prepare us to be inspired to connect and gain momentum in our lives when Summer arrives. 

If we were a plant following this cycle, our connection to the elements may look like this:  

Autumn: cut off energy to any leaves/roots that do not nourish us 

Winter: lie dormant to stay comfy & safe from the elements 

Spring: burst into life to test and adapt to the new environment 

Summer: blossom confidently with the awareness of being in harmony with our natural cycle. 


As we enter the last trimester of Autumn, I invite you to connect to the rhythm of the current season and bring attention to your unresolved sorrows. Repressed grief causes long-term impact on our lungs’ ability to contract and disturbs the distribution of nutrients and energy throughout your body.  

Did you know that simply by becoming aware of our grief, resentment or sorrow, we can transform our health and improve our quality of life? As a Coach, I am endlessly in awe of the discoveries I share with people as they explore what is weighing them down, what might be making them jealous or feel betrayed, or why they are preoccupied with anger.  

Sharing your feelings really is a powerful tool for awareness, clarity and recovery. Whether you speak with someone you trust, write your thoughts in a journal or say them aloud to yourself…bringing clarity is a simple yet significant method of resolving pain and strengthening your health at its core.  

Our practitioners are here to support your journey of letting go. With a wide range of expertise, our team offers every client a safe and welcoming space to explore their pain, emotions, stress and life challenges & changes. 

If you’d like to know more about how our Coach, Rose Babic, or any of our practitioners can help you navigate your health journey you can book in for a complimentary 15 minute consult.