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Do you suffer with digestive issues and do they impact your quality of life? With improving your gut health, you need to work out what is causing the issue. Is it inflammation, gut damage, is the lining leaky or is your gut microbiome not balanced? Specific herbs and nutrients can provide symptomatic relief and repair.

The Gut Brain Axis (GBA) is where the biochemical signals are transmitted along a pathway from your gut to your central nervous system and then back again. The signals travel via your vagus nerve and will influence your mood regulator, appetite, cognition, behaviour and the brain reward system. The gastrointestinal system is traditionally thought to be the root of naturopathic treatment, with many diseases being considered to all stem from the gut.

It is not unexpected that looking after your gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is a first step in managing almost all of the other body systems. The GIT is an intricate system and any disruption in the can have an extreme influence over the other systems of the body as a result of the GIT intricate system digestive disorders are not always easily managed as there are many contributing factors causing GIT dysfunction.

To really restore your gut health, we will need to address :-

Diet – the food that we consume provides our body with nutrients and energy. Foods can also cause harm if we have allergies or intolerances. These are things that need to be investigated. Do you ever have any reactions to certain foods? You can have pathology tests to confirm what foods you may need to eliminate from your diet.

Enzymes – a lot of foods that we consume have large nutrient complexes and a healthy body will break down these nutrients with your enzymes and acids so as your cells can utilise them. If your system is not so healthy your digestive secretions are not at their best and you may need supplementation.

Bacteria – Do you have a healthy microbiome or do you need to restore your digestive balance? It could be something as easy as taking a daily probiotic. Do you know which probiotic is best for you? We can discuss all of the pros and cons of what is available.

Barrier – Is your gut leaky? How is your guts line of defence? Many nutrients can support digestive tract to stop the leak. Do you need a supplements or diet and lifestyle changes to support healing of your gut?

Immune – Do you know what percentage of your immune system is in your gut? It is 70%. This is why we like to say your gut is your second brain. If your gut is not right the rest of you will not be right. One always affects the other. That is why we treat your gut as well as your immune system for optimum health. Do you suffer from recurrent complaints that disrupt your daily routines? We can discuss options for optimal health.

Enteric nervous system – regulates your gastrointestinal tract. Have you heard of IBS? Irritable bowel syndrome can be caused from a stress response that the body reacts to, this could be a physical stress or an internal stress such as a food. This is where we manage your stress and nervous systems to prevent any issues from arising.

Everyone is different and will need an individual plan of action. Good gut health may contribute to a stronger immune system, as well as improving bowel and digestive function. Ultimately, enhancing quality of gut bacteria offers many long-term benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing, and that of our children. It might sound scary, but this doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming or expensive process.

Let’s make your gut happy.

Karyn Campbell

Karyn Campbell is the Naturopath at Diamond Creek Natural Medicine Centre