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 Tips on how to have happy hormones

Ditch the chemicals

In the modern world, we are constantly exposed to a plethora of chemicals that can wreak havoc on our hormonal balance! Endocrine disruptors are chemicals found in pesticides, metals, additives, and contaminants present in both our food and personal care products. These chemicals can interfere with the delicate balance of hormones within our bodies, and have shown to impact fertility, immunity, nervous system function, and an increased risk for gynaecological conditions (such as endometriosis) and hormone-related cancers.

Some common items to swap out for non-toxic versions include perfumes, candles, cleaning products such as dishwashing and laundry detergent, soaps, skincare, plastic containers/drink bottles, and consuming foods with low amounts to no pesticides. It is important to note that choosing organic foods are not the only way to decrease the amount of pesticides in our diet – studies have shown that soaking your fruit/veg in baking soda for 10-15 minutes removes up to 96% of pesticides!

Support your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is an important and often under-appreciated component of the circulatory, immune, and metabolic systems. Acting as a network of tiny vessels, it collects fluid and waste products from body tissues, including harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. These are then transported to lymph nodes and glands, where white blood cells attack and break them down. The lymphatic fluid then carries these waste products back through the bloodstream where they are removed.

So how does the lymphatic system help our hormones? Well, it aids in detoxifying the body of waste products, including endocrine disruptors mentioned earlier.

Lymphatic congestion can manifest in visible ways, such as swollen breasts, bloating, stubborn weight gain, headaches, sinus infections, dry skin, and acne. To support your lymphatic system and aid in detoxifying the body from endocrine disruptors, consider adopting the following practices:

  1. Drink two litres of filtered water every day
  2. Move your body daily
  3. Aim to dry body brush/gua sha a few times a week

Herbs such as echinacea, calendula, cleavers, and foods including garlic, ginger, turmeric, leafy green vegetables, and brassica vegetables also helps improve lymphatic congestion.


Have a bowel movement daily

Another overlooked aspect of hormonal health is the role of the digestive system. Having a daily bowel movement is crucial for eliminating waste products, including excess hormones, from the body. When we do not have a bowel movement daily waste accumulates in the colon (the large intestine), which can lead to the reabsorption of hormones and disruption of the delicate hormonal balance. 

A few ways to support regular bowel movements:

  • Include plenty of fibre from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Drink 2L of water every day
  • Move your body daily
  • Include a diverse range of pre- and probiotic rich foods to support your gut microbiome

By adopting these simple yet effective practices, we can take proactive steps to enhance your hormonal health and promote overall wellbeing. Small changes can lead to significant improvements over time!


If you are wanting further to support on your hormonal health, I would love to have a chat. I am offering FREE 15-minute discovery calls and am currently consulting on Tuesdays and Fridays here at DCNMC x

Written by Catie Haddrick DCNMC’S Naturopath