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It probably doesn’t come as a surprise when we tell you that bloating isn’t only caused by food. But what many people don’t know is the extent of  factors that play a part in your gastrointestinal (GI) health. 

Despite our GI health being dependant on nutrition for optimal function there are other factors such as diseases which can interfere with digestion and absorption that may lead to malnutrition and physiological presentations such as bloating. 

Aside from the food and medications we ingest and the intolerances we may have, our GI health is also impacted by other major subsections of GI function such as: 

Hormonal responses, disordered/altered gut microbiome, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and Carbohydrate Intolerance (SIBO), disordered gut-brain axis interaction, colonic dysbiosis, abnormal GI motility, abnormal sensory/nervous responses. 

The pathophysiology of bloating & GI distension is not completely understood because of it’s multifactorial nature. Generally, people associate their bloating with an increased amount of gas in the GI tract. Within the small and large intestine gas is produced by microbial & enzymatic interaction with the food we’ve consumed, however, studies show gas buildup only accounts for 25% of patients with GI issues. So it’s important that we don’t always assume bloating is because of the food we consume.

Many treatment options can be utilised such as:

Dietary modifications








Complementary and alternative medications

Pelvic floor biofeedback therapy

Behavioural therapy

Karyn Campbell is our gut expert and she will firstly assess dietary, medication, medical, surgical, and behavioural factors that could contribute to the pathogenesis of bloating. Karyn will then work with you to identify the underlying causes of bloating and GI distress to pinpoint required diagnostic tests. Karyn can recognise warning signs of other more serious disorders and can refer you onto other specialists if required. 

If you’d like to find out more about how Karyn assists clients with bloating, visit our website and book a complimentary 15 minute consult. Other wise feel free to book with Karyn now to start your journey back to better gut health.