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Jenni Darnell

Meet Jenni

Jenni Darnell

Nutrition & Diet Support


Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Dietetics | Qualified Chef 

Hi I’m Jen and I’m the Nutritionist here at DCNMC. I’m currently furthering my career by completing my Masters of Dietetics. I’ll be finished in OCT 2022. I work with people experiencing a range of health conditions that can be managed through food and nutrition. 

I’ve spent my life in the food industry by starting out as a chef and working my way into human health and nutrition.

Although  I love the stereo-typical “health foods”, I understand it’s sometimes not attainable everyday and for some, not the priority. My clients often have a lot on their plate, other than food. My goal is to see you bring a sense of ease and enthusiasm into your diet and food routine so you can nourish yourself while being a busy and vibrant human. 

Clients are the expert of their bodies and life, and I believe people can achieve goals that are based on their core values, beliefs and are driven by meaningful motivation.

I orientate sessions around finding meaningful goals and motivations to move towards the desired results. 

My service provides access to nutrition education and dietary support that promotes individuality, abilities, growth and health goals

My point of difference is that I’m curious and inquisitive about your health journey, and will invite you to explore your thoughts, emotions and intentions around food, diet and lifestyle behaviours. I like to creating a space for you to feel comfortable, to share your experiences and feel safe to explore and grow so you can make lasting food and dietary changes.